New Era Wrestling
New Era Wrestling 5 Year Anniversary 
Card Announcements!
So far we would like to announce some of the upcoming matches taking place August 6th!
We have "The Human Wrecking Ball" Juntsu teaming up with Duff Doyle to take on New Era Wrestling Champion Johnny Proof and Powers Inc. Cohort Hunter Grey!
Joey Kincaide will squaring off with long time rival Tony Morales.
10 Count by Grayson Dixon featuring Johnny Proof

GD: Welcome to 10 count Mr. Proof, must be interesting to be on the other side of the interview for a change?
JP: Yes it's a rare thing for Johnny Proof to be interviewed so consider yourself truly privileged with this moment. I'll be the first to congratulate you on undoubtedly the best moment ever in your life!
GD: Where did you get your start in journalism?
JP: My start in journalism came as a child. While most kids watched cartoons and played with toys, I was watching the news, and asking adults the tough questions. I gathered from an early age that most people are no good liars and that the truth needed to be told.
GD:  How did you go from journalism to the squared circle?
JP: Well I wouldn't say I went from journalism to the squared circle, but rather I brought my journalistic integrity with me to the world of pro wrestling. With that, I am able to be the most honest and credible wrestler there is today.
GD: What brought you to Colorado and New Era Wrestling?
JP: Competition brought me to New Era. You see I spent nearly three years in Missouri training and then working for the great Harley Race. When you receive that kind of training and face the caliber of guys he had in his company, you want that same level of competition when you seek out your next promotion. In using my superior investigative journalism skills, I was able to decipher that New Era Wrestling has that level of competition on its roster, so it was an easy choice to sign with the company.
GD: When you first came to New Era, you took a bit of adjusting before you settled into the microphone, what brought you to this point?
JP:  Honestly, my quest to bring the truth is what brought me to this point. You see I gave it a couple of months to gauge the fans and the roster at New Era Wrestling, and all I saw were a bunch of dullards who weren't being honest with themselves. That's when I decided to combine my education in journalism and pro wrestling for the greater good of New Era and ultimately the greater good of all humanity.
GD: You had a long standing rivalry with Caleb Crush, what was your issue with him?
JP: What isn't my issue with Caleb Crush is the better question. The guy is a complete joke! He dances around like he forgot to take his ritalin! And for what? Nobody likes him! He's one of the most hated guys in NEW and is the worst 5280 champion in history!
GD: You two would exchange the 5280 championship, but by the end of the rivalry, you two exchanged a handshake?
JP: Yeah that handshake might've surprised some people, but as I do, I'm finally going to bring the real truth about that moment. Little do people realize that right before I shook that chump's hand, I hocked a nice chunky one straight in to the palm of my hand! Not to mention I had my fingers crossed as well, so don't always believe what you see.
GD: You found yourself at the employ of Steven Powers, teaming with Kincaide at first?
JP: Yeah Stephen Powers took notice and liked what he saw in Johnny Proof. As a truthful person, it's hard to find another honest person you can trust but I have found that in Stephen Powers. As for Kincaide, I knew he was going to be the odd man out. I had my reservations about him prior to the tag team match. He's a buffoon plain and simple. It's impossible to have an intelligent conversation with the guy. It was his fault we lost that match because he doesn't know how to follow orders!
GD: This association with Powers led to you being placed in the 4-way number one contenders match at the 4-year anniversary show with Kincaide as an opponent?
JP: Like I said, Powers took notice, and he saw how well my run as 5280 Champion was. He saw bigger things for me...the NEW Championship! A championship I should have right now but no, Joey Kincaide stuck his nose where it didn't belong by getting inserted in to that 4-way match and costing me the shot at the title.
GD: This has led to the two of you in the 2nd ever War of Attrition match on December 5th, what are your thoughts heading into this brutal match?
JP:  Right, well after having his bell rung last month, Kincaide throws out the challenge for a war of attrition match. I know exactly why he made that challenge, because he didn't think I would accept. Well, he was wrong.  I know what a monster Kincaide is, and I know what I'm in store for come December 5th, but you see I've never had the opportunity to take part in a match like this, and while some may see that as a disadvantage, I see it as a chance for me to display a side of myself that no one has ever seen. Joey Kincaide is the ill-fated one that has earned the right to that experience. Come December 5th, I'll be ready!
GD: With Steven Powers back in control as the general manager, what does that mean for Johnny Proof?
JP: Having Powers as GM is huge! As if our alliance wasn't strong already! The only thing missing is the N.E.W. Championship. Of course, having the GM on my side improves my chances of getting a title shot, but I still have to deliver on my part of the bargain and beat the hell out of guys like Joey Kincaide on my way there. I'm definitely up for the task.
GD: Thank you for your time Proof, it's been a pleasure.
JP: You are very welcome and I hope your grandkids enjoy this story someday about how you interviewed Johnny Proof.

Cliff Notes by Clifford Franklin
November 2015
   Cody Devine is crazy.  Ever since his debut match earlier this year, he has been out to prove that he belongs with the biggest and the best that New Era Wrestling has to offer.  He has lost far more that he has won, but in doing so, has endeared himself to the New Era faithful.  So much so in fact that he is often one of the most sought after wrestlers during intermission, especially by the younger fans.  That very well might have been Cody Devine's plan all along.
    Before starting with New Era, Cody Devine could often be seen watching the shows from the crowd, always willing to help out if he was needed, hoping to one day make it on the show.  After several months of this, he lucked out as one of the competitors in the opening match could not make the event, and Cody was asked to fill in for him.  His opponent for the evening would turn out to be Duelie Trailer.  Looking to impress N.E.W. management, Devine went to the top rope to finish off Duelie, only to have the Iowa native knock him to the floor below.  Cody's head would collide with the metal turnbuckle and he would go on to lose in debut match due to count out. 
    Management has impressed though, and Devine was asked back the following month.  However, gone were the long tights, replaced by a black singlet with 'XXL' emblazoned on the back.  Also gone was his enthusiastic high flying style, replaced by a more rough and tumble, power based offense.  He now believed himself to be 'six foot twelve' and weighing in at well over four hundred pounds.  Unfortunately, his opponent, Kincaide, was not impressed, and finished off Devine in rather decisive fashion.  The fan reaction however, was heavily in Devine's favor. 
    Has that been his plan all along?  Before the head injury, Cody Devine was just another young wrestler looking for a chance.  Now, he finds himself a featured performer, many nights wrestling some of the top talent in the region.  He has the fans strongly in his corner, often chanting, "6 foot 12," at wrestling's tiniest big man.  Has this all been a rouse simply to keep him in the mix or does he truly believe he is, 'The Definition of Devastation?' 
    As time has gone on, we have seen him revert back to several moves mostly utilized by smaller combatants, including dropkicks, backflips, and his trademark 'New school,' wrist lock from the top rope into a hurricanrana.  He has also continued using moves such as the gorilla press slam and his vicious choke slam.  Regardless of Cody Devine's goals from here on out, or whether he truly believes he is the biggest man in the Rocky Mountain region, his plan seems to be working brilliantly.  Cody Devine is crazy alright.  Crazy like a fox.