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By the Big Guy

My very first column… wait, no it isn’t. I’m a Harvard graduate and broadcast journalist!
Writing columns for me is like shooting wabbit for Duff Doyle or like winning matches like (the Great)
Tony Morales.

But, I digress.

I sit here behind my desk and as I ponder the meaning of life, a question pops into my mind.
Jason Noel… man, what’s wrong with you? Yeah, you people heard me right. You see, I look at a man
like Jason Noel, a man who is loaded with talent and good work ethic. I see all of this potential and yet, I
see a great of gold when I look around his waist. Each and every week, he comes out and thrills the
humanoids with his death defying do, and recently… he’s even managed a few very impressive wins,
including a victory over former N.E.W. Champion, Juntsu. For every win, there is a loss and I have to tell
you, as a student of professional wrestling for over forty years, I don’t like it.
Not one bit.

There is a big difference between not liking something and doing something about it. Like when
Cody Devine didn’t like being a part of Vanity Inc., (God knows why), but he did nothing about it. Let’s
just say that I’m no Cody Devine. I put my energies to figure out what the problem is. I asked myself a
series of questions, like…

1. Is Jason Noel a superior athlete? Check!
2. Is Jason Noel a tough guy? Check!
3. Does Jason Noel have great technique? Double check!
I was frustrated. Maybe he’s just one of them guys who just can’t get right? Maybe he can’t win for
losing, but he’s a nice guy and probably has a tremendous singing voice, so who cares?
I’ll tell you who cares, dammit. I care.

Yes, indeed I do and so, as a caring individual I have brought bear the greatest minds in all of
wrestling… both Ralph Lopez and our Chief of Security Deebo and we have an answer. Jason Noel
needs… a manager. Yeah, you heard me the one element Jason Noel is missing is a manager. Just think
of all the times a manager could have held a foot on the ropes for… that is, I mean to say that a manager
would help keep Jason focused and ready at all times.
Think about it. Who is Rocky Balboa without Mick, who spouted that infamous line… “He’ll kill ya to
death, Rock!”

But, I digress. (A bad habit, shaddap!)

Think about Jason Noel having someone to hold his robe, (oh yeah, get a robe too), to keep that
bothersome Drew Steele from focusing on his “Crazy Eyes”. You know Drew Steele, “crazy eyes” is a
rare condition that comes from sitting too close to the tv when you’re a kid. Drew continues to bring
attention to this malady and it ain’t right, I tells ya! On the other hand, Drew does have a tremendous
voice #goldensmog.

But, I digress. (Told you.)

A Jason Noel with a proper manager would be unstoppable. Imagine a manager who took the focus
off of a childhood affliction and onto technical wrestling. This is where Jason Noel’s head needs to be.
This is the path to a N.E.W. Championship. Look what the lovely and talented Alexis Vain has done for
Cumberbatch? She took a ninety eight pound weakling and put him in the gym. One hundred pounds of
muscle and a large supply of penny rolls later… and we’re talking 5280 Champion.
So, there we go. Jason, I hope you read this and take it to heart. You got the goods, kid… I seen it.
You just gotta get the manager behind you to bring it all out… and maybe some sunglasses, because of
guys like Drew Steele. (Love the voice, though)


The Big Guy