New Era Wrestling
Deulie Trailer
Name:  Duelie Trailer

Hailing From: The Farmlands of Iowa

Signature Moves: Cradle Suplex into pin, “Farmers Cloverleaf” Pin into Submission

Finishing Move:  Ankle Lock Submission

Titles Held: N.E.W TV/Internet Champion, Most Hated Wrestler of 2013


 Duelie grew up in Iowa working on the family farm, ever since he was young was taught hard work pays off; “You reep what you sow” Was ingrained in his spirit since he was a child by learning that every seed he planted grew into what went onto the dinner table, with dedication and nurturing.  Duelie grew up learning Collegiate Style wrestling from his Uncles who were trained by the legendary Dan Gable. Duelie took to wrestling like a fish in water; but the first time he saw the larger than life Pro-Wrestlers on TV growing up, Duelie made the decision that he wanted to use the skills given to him to make it as a pro-wrestler, to step between the ropes, into the ring and give it his all. Duelie knew that like a seed, in the right conditions, with hard work and determination he could grow into what he wanted to be and flourish if he never gave up.


Duelie has learned his trade and is always trying to improve through lots of practice and staying humble. Duelie started as a Ring Announcer in New Era Wrestling, learning from the bottom up one step at a time, Then Duelie progressed into a Wrestling Commentator for New Era Wrestling next to the future OVW Wrestling Commentator Michael Titus. After getting experience with different positions in the company Duelie decided to try his hand at wrestling, stepping into the ring and giving it his all. After losing nearly every match he was put into by skilled opponents, Duelie starting trying “dirty” tactics to get Wins, He started to believe that he had to do whatever it takes to get the upper hand over larger competitors. 

Duelie started as a singles competitor, but after an altercation with his girlfriend in front of the crowd during a New Era Wrestling match, the crowd began to turn on him the next few months as Duelie had decided to bring “His woman” into the ring every single match and degrade her, disrespect her, and make her do things like hold open the ropes for him, Holding his microphone when he addressed the crowd, and making her help him cheat or “suffer the consequences”. 


Duelie realized that if he was going to be protected for doing what he believed was right with “His Woman” he needed protection; Duelie searched far and wide but the person he was looking for was right under his nose. He found out his tractor mechanic “Big Rig” Rodge was large in stature and skilled in wrestling as well. Duelie brought Big Rig to New Era Wrestling as protection but then learned that they could be a great Tag Team. The two of them fit together like bread and butter. They formed a formidable Tag Team known as “Long Hauls and Close Calls” named after a Hank Williams III song, and the title just described them so well they decided to keep the name. The name to them represented the distances Big Rig has covered in his life, and the crazy situations Duelie has got himself into and out of by never shying away from a fight.