New Era Wrestling
"Wardog" Damien Payne

Damien Payne AKA The War Dog Damien Payne 

The name was given to him through the U.S. Army as a call sign as a light mechcanized infantry / forward scout.
After serving 2 tours in Iraq and 1 tour in Afganistan,  the constant trials of combat has changed Damien Payne giving him an overly agressive temperment which lead him to an early discharge from the Army. And further more his behaveiour lead him to be unexcepted in civilan life.  Finally finding his home in New Era.

Name : The War Dog Damien Payne
Height : none of your damn business
Weight : none of your damn business
From : none of your damn business

Trained by : the mean streets of Washington D.C., correctional holding facilities of Maryland, Germany, Texas, and Colorado. U.S. Army ( 1st infantry division,  and 4th infantry division)  U.S./Iraq's detention center.

Companies worked for : IWF, PH&W, JCW, NEW

Titles held : IWF tag team, PH&W tag team, PH&W hardcore, NEW TV/ Internet 

Moves used : scissor kick, Lock Jaw slam, The Mawling ( submission hold, head scissor arm bar combo )